Making Digitally-Enabled Care Work for Everyone

Digitally-Enabled Care Defined
  • All settings and modalities
  • 24/7 digital self-service
  • Delivered when the consumer desires, often < 24 hours or even instant (virtual)
  • Physician-agnostic when time is of essence
  • Highly personalized consumer experience
See Digitally-Enabled Care Defined
Who It's For

DexCare empowers health systems to deliver exceptional patient access aligned and balanced with their resources and operations. We call it “Access Optimization”, and it is the key to making health systems’ digital transformation enduring and effective.

Unfortunately, most health systems are not able to capture it. Despite investing billions of dollars in digital, particularly post-COVID, 70% of health systems have combined disparate point solutions that are disconnected and sub-optimized for consumers, providers and service lines. 

Powered by data-driven intelligence, DexCare enables health systems to address three key barriers to making digitally-enabled care work.

And because DexCare was created by one of the largest and most innovative health systems in the world, DexCare intimately understands and serves the needs of health systems exclusively, enabling them to maintain and grow their customer relationships in the face of technology disruptors that often offer competing products directly to consumers.  

DexCare is currently enabling better digital care across multiple settings (retail, urgent, primary, specialty), modalities (virtual, in person), and health systems (IDNs, regional networks, academic medical centers) across the UnitedStates.

How it Works

Just as computing devices are governed by an operating system to create a seamless, useful and connected experience across applications, the DexCare OS focuses on the core functions necessary to make digitally-enabled care efficient and effective.

Demand generation

Attracts health system consumers to digital offerings in two clicks—from internet search to appointment

Intelligent navigation

Intelligently routes consumers to the care best suited to meet their needs, as well as the needs of the health system

Capacity optimization

Automatically allocates resources to meet patient demand where and when those resources can be most productively employed.

DexCare fully integrates with your EMR, and works right alongside your existing workflows and systems—leveraging those investments to increase patient revenue and decrease cost-of-care.

DexCare utilizes data-driven intelligence throughout to ensure consumer desires and needs are balanced with health systems’ sustainability and other objectives. DexCare integrates with health systems’ EMR and care delivery technologies, thereby enabling customers to leverage their investments in more effective ways for patient acquisition and resource optimization.


Powered by unique traffic control technology that allocates, flexes and optimizes valuable resources to best meet consumer demand, DexCare expands the reach of health systems’ service lines into new, digital on-demand businesses while generating increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

DexCare enables health systems to effectively employ new on-demand and convenient care models within existing services or as new lines of business to expand access.


DexCare provides a unified experience from discovery to delivery.

Health systems benefit from greater consumer engagement and satisfaction as well as increased transactional and downstream revenue compared to EMR-native and point solutions.  

DexCare offers consumers a seamless and fully digital experience including booking, registration, payments and reminders that increases patient satisfaction, reduces missed appointments and simplifies the patient experience.

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