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The Operating System
for Digital Care

DexCare enables health systems to accelerate and optimize their same-day care business model, meeting patients where they are-- at the digitial front door. DexCare unifies all modalities and venues of care into a single, streamlined consumer experience, while intelligently optimizing capacity and labor utilization across all same-day care delivery options. Our technology platform enables delivery of a fully integrated, turn-key experience.


DexCare is a Platform-as-a-Service. As opposed to other point solutions, it orchestrates as an operating system for health systems.

Platform details

Case Study: Providence

Providence is a national health system with 52 hospitals across seven states and  employing 120,000 care givers.

In this case study, we look at how DexCare was able to transform and empower Providence to achieve high levels of operational effeciency using advanced data-driven decision making.

“At Kaiser Permanente Ventures we are always looking to the forefront of digital innovation.  DexCare is leading the industry with a more flexible and robust way of delivering care, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help them grow.”
Liz Rockett | Director
“Virtual care has always been a key strategy to ensure we are delivering the best care to our patients. Like many hospital systems, COVID triggered an increased demand for virtual care offerings, but not every health system can offer the service and coordination and orchestration of primary and specialty care the way that we do. So, for us, our virtual infrastructure had to facilitate that richness. DexCare offers us a ‘wrapper’ that pulls patients and consumers into our environment with ease."
Dr. Sarah Pletcher | Vice President and Executive Medical Director of Virtual Care
"DexCare was instrumental as we transformed our ambulatory care model to better meet the needs of patients over the past few years. In 2020, scalability of the DexCare platform was instrumental in our response to COVID. We're proud that this internally developed and incubated technology is now ready to be made available to other health systems—furthering the Providence vision of health for a better world."
Rod Hochman | M.D., President and CEO
“At Define we intentionally seek out companies leading the consumerization of healthcare because we believe in its transformative impact. DexCare's unique solution to make digitally-enabled care more discoverable and actionable for consumers, while at the same time making it effective for health systems, is the kind of solution that will lead to a better healthcare system for everyone."
Lynne Chou O'Keefe | Founder and Managing Partner
“Patients should be able to see the right doctor at the right time—and with the proliferation of new virtual care models, what was once a goal is now rapidly becoming a reality. We’re proud to join DexCare as partners as we work to deliver convenient, excellent care to patients, in the right care settings.”
Senator William H. Frist, M.D. | Founding Partner, Frist Cressey Ventures & Creator of “A Second Opinion” Podcast
“In a way COVID did a us a service by enabling us to introduce a broader set of care options to patients. Our focus now is to hold and grow virtual—offering consumers more options for where and when they get their care—and that takes a platform like DexCare. For us, we knew a partnership with DexCare, having been created for a system like Providence, was a good fit for our Health Network. There are other options, but DexCare’s leadership, experience and  goals are well aligned with ours.”
Wendy S. Horn | VP Business Development, Community Health Network

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