Chris Carruthers

Vice President of Customer Solutions

Chris leads DexCare’s Customer Solutions Architecture Team; helping customers bridge business need with the DexCare platform. Chris’ love for technology started as a young child, deconstructing and reconstructing anything electronic he could get his hands on.

Now with over 22 years of experience in enterprise IT systems, network infrastructure, software development, business consulting, and entrepreneurship, this creative passion continues to drive Chris as a technology leader growing a team of talented people to help customers create value with DexCare.

Prior to DexCare’s spin-out, Chris worked at Providence St. Joseph commercializing the solution that makes up DexCare today. before that Chris lead teams delivering enterprise digital solutions for customers in the healthcare and other verticals at Slalom Consulting and his consulting firm Carhea Technologies.

Chris is engaged throughout the entirety of the technology product development process and excels at bridging the gap between the business need and technology solutions. With a deep knowledge of the entire technology stack and business processes, he and his team are instrumental in solution sales.

Born and raised in the great PNW, he loves spending time with his family and friends outdoors; whether that be boating, fishing, powder days in the mountains, or just riding bikes in the neighborhood with his wife and two daughters.